Best cleaning HRM software

Why best Cleaning HRM software is better than the traditional way?
If you are in the cleaning industry and thinking about what the best cleaning HRM software can do for your business,  then look no further.  We can help you understand why CBS have the best HRM software and why it is better than managing HR the old traditional way.
Why is HRM, otherwise known as Human Resource Management, so important? Your business is in the service industry and involves a lot of human interaction between your employees and customers. Therefore, you need to manage your human resources so as to build a customer-oriented and profitable business? The best cleaning business software do exactly that.
Best Cleaning HRM Software
  • Read on to find out why managing HR is better with software than the traditional manual ways:
  • Saves Space: HRM software eliminates the need for paper records by storing all records of employees electronically. No longer will you need big filing cabinets.
  • Organized storage and retrieval: All the records are organized systematically and can be retrieved easily, with a few clicks of a button, even if you have multiple locations.
  • Communication made easy & faster: HRM software has the database of all employees and can integrate this with other software as well.
  • Assists in decision making: It helps you assess the employee turnover rate, productivity, employee satisfaction, performance and evaluation of employees and other factors that make your cleaning business productive. It can help to keep your employee morale at its best.
  • Makes your HR personnel productive: HR personnel do not need to invest time filling out forms & reports; nor do they have to spend time finding old records to look at any history.
The quality of cleaning service delivered by your employees is important to the growth of your cleaning business.  By using the best cleaning HRM software which improves the productivity and morale of your employees, it makes your business more efficient and able to focus on delivering a better cleaning service to your customers.

Reliable cleaning bidding software

Let reliable cleaning bidding software take a lot of hard work out of winning a new cleaning contract for your business.  It can normally take many rounds of tough negotiations to win over a new contract, however, with the right reliable cleaning bidding software, your job has just become a lot easier! Want to know more? Read on to find out some interesting facts and all the benefits a cleaning bidding software can bring. Your boss is surely going to be impressed with this!

Reliable Cleaning Bidding Software

  • It’s flexible!! You can design your own Specs based on your client’s budget. Enjoy complete quotation flexibility based on the number of cleaning weeks per year, number of cleaning days per week and any public holidays in between.  You can also choose the number of hours you want to allocate between part-time employee, full-time employee, or subcontractor. All this can be done with a few clicks of a button. Freeing up so much more time to let you source many more contract enquiries.
  • Faster generation of bids: janitorial bidding software has an automated and fully comprehensive cleaning specification list which you can bank upon when designing your bid. Generating a faster bid allows you to generate a faster conversion rate of your enquiry into a revenue yielding contract! You can safely keep the competition at bay!
  • Makes your bid more attractive and presentable: It comes with a professional presentation template to catch the customer’s eye. After all, presentation and packaging are both important facets of marketing.
  • Helps you build a client database: How impressed would your boss be if you had a reliable cleaning bidding software that kept a client database that could be used for sourcing future business?
  • Comprehensive reports: Information and reports such as; bid to contract conversion rates, team member sales and revenue data, monthly enquiries to contracts sealed and many more reports can be utilized to tweak business strategies. This will lead to maximum business efficiency and profitability.

What is Cleaning Database Building Software Melbourne? – CBS

To understand how you can improve the management of your business with this software,  first, it’s important to understand all about cleaning database building software. Knowing this tool better helps understand exactly how it works. Listed here are some important facts:

Cleaning database building software Melbourne
Customer database software
Customer data storage:
All data of customers is stored using this software. It is then used to offer better services. A list of all the likes and dislikes of the customers are recorded in an organized manner. Your business becomes more efficient and everyday handling becomes easier with the use of correct information.
Regular reminders:
Another good thing about the cleaning database building software Melbourne is that it reminds you about follow-up, relevant to customers. This builds a good relationship between you and your clients.
Maintaining Audit reports:
With this cleaning database building software, you are able to open and review all the quality checks completed by your team. Any task not finished will show up at once and therefore the right action can be taken.
Customer relations:
Customer database software lets you know about compliments and good reviews from the clients as well. This gives you encouragement to work harder. Any other message also reaches you quickly and is easily handled. Thus building up a good connection with your clients.
Organized job information:
Information on cleaning jobs that are booked in is organized properly according to what action is to undertaken first and how long it will take. This keeps the work schedule in order and the clients happy.

Why You Need the Best CRM for Small Cleaning business?

The best CRM for Small cleaning business is the software that contains all aspects of the cleaning business such as,  providing a cleaning schedule, checking on your cleaners’ performance, cleaning specifications, reminders, quality audits, and more. If you have a small cleaning business, you do not want to waste valuable resources and time on tasks that could be performed more efficiently.  Therefore, the best option for you is having software CRM for small cleaning business which serves all your needs at the most affordable prices.

Best CRM cleaning Business

Having been in the field for many years, we have software professionals on board who are well trained and experienced to design software specifically to handle all your cleaning issues. Integrated with all steps involved in a small cleaning business, ours is one of the best CRM for a Small cleaning business. Manage your records and other details efficiently with our CRM solution. Appropriate services with trained experts are available for advice about the most up to date CRM software on the market today.
CRM for small cleaning business software designed especially for:
  • Easy client login.
  • In-built quality systems.
  • Mobile quality audits.
  • Simple and powerful dashboards which provide information at your fingertips.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Scheduling worker training, monitoring, and worker management.
  • Bidding software designed to win quotes.
  • Seamless Cloud-Based Xero Accounting integration.
It’s now easier to manage quality cleaning and maintaining clean office spaces when using Cleaning Business Software with the best CRM for a Small cleaning business. This software solution covers all the features involved in cleaning and managing customer relations. CRM software will also help you build stronger relationships with your current clients. By keeping track of their cleaning history you will get to know their cleaning needs in more detail. You can keep an eye on when they are due for any specialized services, such as a carpet clean, and suggest it ahead of time. This will make your client feel valued and well looked after.
Contact CBS (cleaning business Software Company) today for an affordable and user-friendly CRM solution for maintaining a cleaner work environment. We are available online or through mobile networks. We have taken a step towards modern technology,

Affordable cleaning business software Australia

Having the right systems in place for the smooth running of your business is vital in today’s busy world. Cleaning businesses are no exceptions, whether they are big or small, they need to have all their processes in place to run successfully. Clever and affordable cleaning business software can help with this, especially if it is fully integrated so that all the different aspects of your cleaning business work in with each other on one single platform.
So what goes into choosing the right kind of software that is tailor-made for the cleaning industry in Australia? Without doubt, the first requirement would be an affordable cleaning business software. Affordable in the sense of cost but also affordable in how efficient it is to save you time, therefore saving you money.
There are also other aspects that you should consider when choosing an affordable cleaning business software Australia:
A well-structured affordable cleaning business software Australia should give you the freedom of being in complete control of your cleaning business at all times. You should also be able to have important information available to you in just a few clicks of a button.
Here are a few features of cleaning business software by CBS:
  • Up to date information about every client.
  • Online work orders for easy approval.
  • Create winning bids for new contracts.
  • Quick communication for non-compliance issues.
  • Automatic follow-ups and reminders.
Affordable cleaning business software Australia also stores and provides you with information about your staff members. You can check which job they have been allocated to, what their schedule is, whether all their training is up to date and what their job performance has been like. It also has GPS tracking so you will know exactly where your cleaner is at any given time.

CBS Cleaning business Software – Bidding Software

The CBS Cleaning Business Software -Bidding Software provides an opportunity to create a cleaning specification that can give the customer value for money by prioritizing the clients critical areas, such as wet areas, reception and foyer areas, management offices etc. and minimizing the cleaning in non critical areas. Involving your client in the discussions will lead them to believe that your focus is on saving them money but still providing a service that will fulfil their needs. It will also stand you out from the pack as an experienced and professional cleaning service.
Cleaning Business Software modules also allow a cleaning business to show a prospective client that your company is highly professional and sophisticated, offering them instant communication and information exchange through the client login portal, quality audits with built in KPI’s, (CRM Module), information management systems (Dashboard), cleaner management and monitoring (HR Module) and more.

Cleaner Management software

Cleaner Management software can help you manage your cleaners and compliance issues.

Every cleaner has a quality performance rating automatically updated with every client audit.
A comprehensive history of training, disciplinary action, certifications, skills etc are maintained
Follow up reminders are generated to the Information dashboard when certifications and or insurance are due to expire so that you never have a non compliance issue. Documents can be uploaded to validate compliance.
Don’t get trapped with unfair dismissal keep a chronological history of disciplinary issues and actions taken.
A work schedule is maintained for every cleaner to easily view who is cleaning what client and when.
The cleaners will download the CBS App that will be used for instant communications. The app provides information of customer complaint, follow-up reminders, job schedules, quality audits and standard.
Most importantly once the cleaner has logged on you will immediately have a GPS location using Google mapping, showing where your cleaner is, where he/she has been has been and how long he/she have spent there.

How to maintain Customer database software management?

CRM Software for both Mac and Windows can be run from anywhere at any time.

The CRM module integrates with the Information Dashboard for instant information and communication.You will always be advised when a new mobile audit has been completed. It will provide a rating out of 10 for the quality of the cleaning standards for an immediate overview of the clients premises and your cleaners performance.If your not communicating with your clients you can lose them. Get information on what clients have not been seen or communicated with to make sure you lose no one.You will offer your clients their own login portal that will provide them with instant communication for orders, complaints and Job request.

Cleaning Business Software

Your clients will be able to upload detailed quality audits, photos and provide you immediate feedback if they are not happy and your cleaners are not performing.

They can view a history of their previous Audits, Original Quotation and current contract and cleaning specifications. This means that when there is a contract variation everyone has the current copy and historical copies in chronological order. No confusion and no issues.

Win more client by showing them that you are a highly professional company with integrated communications and quality systems.

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Periodical Tasks Sign Off – CBS Australia

Periodical Tasks Sign Off -Cleaners often forget to complete tasks that are not done as part of their daily routine. This is a perennial issue that can create serious issues when a client paying for a service is not receiving the service. CBS have established a seamless integrated Periodical Tasks Sign off process that provides all stakeholders with essential information ensuring Periodical Task are regularly completed. The Periodical Page in all portals and the cleaners app, shows the following information.

1.Contract ID 2.Contract Identifier 3.Due Date 4.Company Name 5.Client Contact Name.

Periodical Tasks Sign Off
Cleaning Business Software


Cleaner GPS Tracking

The CBS Cleaner Tracking App utilities your cleaners Phone GPS to track and monitor their movements during their working hours.

Receive accurate time sheet summaries for payroll.

Get critical information directly and immediately to your cleaners.

The app provides the cleaners with

Quality Audit Histories.

Client Complaints.

Follow Up requests

Work Schedules

One off Job request

Periodical Task sign off

Photo uploads

QR Code Scanner.

Exceptionally simple to use, Log on, log Off, just like a time clock.

Track cleaner work flows with QR Code scan required in designated site cleaning areas.

Cleaning Business Software @ Melbourne